Tuskers Elephants If you love elephants then Tuskers is the range for you. Tuskers are the work of sculptor Barry Price, who began to create them back in 1995. Barry develops a sketch from soft plastercine. After approval from the product development team, a fully detailed sculpture is produced. Each Tuskers is painted entirely by hand, using a selection of the finest oil based paints. The skill and dexterity of the artist enhance the exceptional details in each model. Tuskers are seen playing in water, feeding, in family groups, asleep and with other wild animals. They are also modelled with other friends such as giraffes, gorillas, meercats and birds. Tuskers are also designed with anniversaries and special occasions in mind and, every year, a special Christmas collection is launched. A limited edition study is also produced each year. In 2000, a new collection of elephants was introduced, featuring Henry, a comic character. Collectors can find him in an amusing range of poses and settings.

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