The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest media and entertainment corporations in the world. Iconic characters like Mickey Mouse, Winnie-the-Pooh and Tinker Bell continue to gross massive sales for the company through the many divisions the company now owns.

Disney Traditions Collection - The enormous popularity of award-winning artist Jim Shore has lead to whole new design concept based on his unique style, which combines elements of folk art and a vibrant colour pallet applied to traditional themes that's unmistakably Jim Shore. The natural progression lead to collaboration with Disney and the launch of Disney Traditions which has proved enormously popular with larger numbers of new introductions added year on year.

Romero Britto's pop art is bold and cheerful and combines elements of graffiti and cubism, and in collaboration with Disney have successfully created the 'Disney by Britto' concept. Now encompassing the large range of products from figurines to stationary and from wall art to homeware accessories. The Disney Britto range brings hope and joy to every household.

Grand Jester Studios have produced a series of iconic Disney heroes and villains which have been exquisitely sculpted creating a range of limited edition busts. Low edition runs have enhanced this range of collectibles and many pieces are sold out very quickly.

The Walt Disney Classics Collection premiered in the US in July 1992. It was the first time that the Disney Company has produced on their own a line, previously Disney had licensed other companies to produce Disney figures.
The exclusivity, quality and increasing values of the limited edition and retired figures has attracted a large number collectors all over the world. The figurines are made of porcelain, with individual pieces molded together, and fired in an oven. They are then painted and fired again. In many instances, different materials are added, 'plussed', using pewter, bronze and resin to seamlessly add detail otherwise impossible using conventional porcelain alone. Each figurine has a backstamp, signifying the year it was produced. The marks represent significant milestones in Disney history.