Walt Disney Classics Collection

Walt Disney Classics Collection WDCC
The Walt Disney Classics Collection, WDCC, was created to capture the beloved characters and timeless moments from classic Disney films in beautifully crafted sculptures. 2012 celebrates twenty years of the unique and exquisite collection and continues to enable Disney fans and collectors to not only more fully experience these fine pieces, but to also feel more connected to the entire world of Disney. Each piece is carefully researched to accurately reproduce the original Disney artist’s vision of the character and the surrounding environment. The pieces are produced in a variety of mediums centred around porcelain. In most cases, additional materials such as pewter and bronze are used (plussed) where the delicate nature of porcelain alone would be too fragile. Seamless transitions from these different materials are technically perfected making WDCC the leaders in the field. To maintain exclusivity, many of the pieces are either limited editions or have a time-limited production run. The Walt Disney Classics Collection remains unsurpassed in quality and accuracy bringing to life in your home Disney films from the early beginnings of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to the latest Disney-Pixar productions.

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