Border Fine Arts Classics

Border Fine Arts Classics Border Fine Arts Classics figurines are all hand made in Scotland and each one shows months of dedicated craftsmanship by highly skilled artists. Border Fine Arts Classics are all presented on a high quality plinth and most are registered limited editions.
The creation and production of a Border Fine Arts Classic figurine is an extremely complicated process involving many skills. Indeed, months can pass by before a figurine even reaches the painting studios, such is our attention to detail. Before one of our acclaimed sculptors even begins to work with our specially formulated wax, he or she will have been busy researching the chosen subject. Much of this time will have been spent in the field photographing and studying. They will meet with experts in that particular subject and spend hours in the library. Once satisfied that they have gained enough knowledge, sculpting will commence. But that's not even half of the story, as once the wax sculpture is complete, it will pass through many departments and many skilled hands before it remotely resembles the stunning finished figurines.
Each and every Border Fine Arts Classic sculpture has been hand-crafted to exacting standards. These highly intricate figurines are further distinguishable by the additional use of mixed media details and finishing touches. Fine metals such as pewter and bronze are used in the delicate stems of handmade porcelain flowers, for example, and it is this attention to detail which upholds not only the authenticity of each design, but adds just the right Classic touch too.

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