Circle of Love

The Circle of Love figurines are contemporary and modern sculptures made of porcelain and finished to a high glaze. Circle of Love themes centre on love and the family and are ideal for weddings and the home. Circle of Love feature simple and fluid stylised shapes, often copied but never equalled. The purity of the white finish in Circle of Love figurines enhances of sentiment behind each Circle of Love sculpture.
Circle of Love "I sincerely feel that the key to true happiness is through love and family. Whether we reach out with love to family or to friends, it comes back to us ten-fold. Through years of caring, support and understanding, this circle of love grows stronger and more meaningful. My motivation for creating this line was to capture that perfect moment of peace and contentment when real love is discovered. Each design is meant to be elegant, simple and true symbolic of the circle of love. I hope you and your loved ones enjoy this collection as you are reminded of your own circle of love." Kim Lawrence

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