Nadal Studio

Nadal StudioThe figurines of Nadal Studio are formed from emotion; they are an expression of passion, a renunciation of the forbidden and the embodiment of the exquisite. Nadal figurines are characterised by their simplicity, tenderness, freshness and originality.
Designed with one purpose; to be admired and noticed. The works are imbued with messages. Some tell stories about life, a crafting of asphalt into the natural form of a life frozen in a single moment. Others tell different stories. They feel the asphalt into loving couples, immortalised in sculpture. All the work represents some genuine truth, human emotion: the family, the friends, love... Some express the Spanish national passions such as flamenco or bullfighting, others capture the sentiments born from education and work. Everything without exception is an expression of important parts of our lives.

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