Shiwan Earthenware

Chinese earthenware figurines depicting infamous, legendary, mythical or everyday characters. Often referred to as "Shiwan Figurines" due to the Shiwan region where the sculptures were originated. The Shiwan figures are all hand-made and hand-painted. They are not gift boxed, but will be well packed and protected in protective packaging.

Shiwan ceramics originated from kilns located in the Guangdong provincial city of Foshan. Area ceramic production experienced a long history by the late Ming period 16th century when ceramic artisans from perhaps Dehua and Jingdezhen relocated to the Shiwan area and expanded local production into a vigorous export related industry. Shiwan pottery provide a contrast with more conservatively rendered Dehua efforts. Clay for the ware was provided not only from area preserves, but also from distant locations that could be variously mixed to provide a variety of textures and desired ceramic outcomes. The range could extend from a porcelain, that could rival Dehua in purity, to a rough stoneware or earthenware for which many of the figurines are derived.

Today, the Shiwan pottery industry mainly serve the mass produced household vessels, such jars and flower pots, bowls, plates, tea pot, pots for boiling herbs, vases and other housewares. But Shiwan ceramics is particularly noted for its production of figurines.

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